2019 Workshops


Carrie Taylor, BSc., RMT

Carrie Taylor, BSc., RMT

The Myofascial Approach to Massage Therapy provides advanced training for manual therapists. These workshops focus on excellence in palpation, assessment & treatment of many different types of connective tissue dysfunction. Therapists will learn to fine tune their palpation skills, and their ability to recognize postural abnormalities, as well as learning advanced myofascial treatment techniques.

  • Oct 3: Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist ***WORKSHOP FULL***

  • Oct 5: Lumbar disc herniations & sciatica: treatment and management of back pain and lower extremity disorders

  • Oct 6: Migraine, TMJ dysfunction & cervical tension

professional sugar hair removal certification

Become certified as a “Sugar Pro,” and learn Body Sugaring with this is a 1 day, 10 hour course that will train you in the Sugar of the Nile method for hand sugaring. This course is designed to meet the needs of today’s more holistic client for a safer and gentler method of hair removal and skin conditioning. This workshop ensures the participants will understand the hair growth theory and how to maximize the results of hair removal with body sugaring. 

  • June 16 (North Vancouver)

  • July 14 (North Vancouver)

  • August 18 (North Vancouver)

Tracy Cherniak, Educator + Master Esthetician

Tracy Cherniak, Educator + Master Esthetician