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Let's talk about skin, baby

When it comes to skin care, people's first thought is about their faces.

Skin covers every part of our body, so it's best to keep it properly nourished and hydrated. Healthy skin care is important as it brings you a step closer to radiant and glowing skin.

Focusing on good skincare boosts your level of confidence, and you start to love your mirror reflection. As skin cells die and are reborn every day, so it's never too late to start with a good skin care routine that includes regular facials or treatments and simple skin care products that are effective and won't break the bank. Healthy skin doesn't need a lot of make-up or beauty products. Our aim with our skin care blog is to cover everything from what to wear on your face to what kind of nutrients or food to put in your tummy. We want to educate and motivate you to follow a good skin care routine.

Stay tuned for more and the launch of Skin by Blu.

Have a question or two, contact us by or call or send us text message 604-924.6001.

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