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registered massage therapy

We believe in evidence-based treatments and patient education so that you can enjoy increased strength and movement and decreased pain in your every day living long after our work ends. Registered Massage Therapists in BC, are trained to assess, treat and prescribe remedial physical therapy and home-care recommendations for over 70 musculo-skeletal injuries and dysfunction. Our therapists use modalities that include myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, dynamic release, manual lymphatic drainage, cranial-sacral therapy, joint mobilization, hydro-therapy and deep relaxation techniques.

therapuetic massage pic 2.jpg
One of the best RMTs I’ve experienced so far. She took a real interest in my well being and I truly appreciated her holistic approach in my treatment.

— Nancy N

30 min $63 ~ 45 Min $95 ~ 60 Min $116 ~ 90 Min $175 (prices include GST)

Spa + Bodywork massage

Straight up Swedish massage. This service is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation while easing tension This service is non-RMT, is not covered by third party insurers and is provided by certified Body Workers and Spa Therapists who have graduated from a recognized bodywork program or obtained a Massage Therapy Diploma.

Excellent massage and service
— Candace D

60 Min $84 ~ 90 Min $126
(prices include GST)