Hair Removal - Sugaring

Hair Removal - Sugaring

Simple, Effective, Healthy & Natural Hair Removal. 100% Natural Sugar Paste free of Parabens, Petro-chemicals and Urea. This product is literally edible and gently removes unwanted hairs from all areas of the body. There is never any risk of burning the skin, the sugar paste is massaged onto the skin by your esthetician at a lukewarm temperature allowing the paste to seep into the hair follicle which in turn allows the body hair to “slide” out comfortably…Yes we are saying LESS PAIN!

The hair is removed in the same direction as your hair growth not against it which eliminates the risk of breaking the hairs, ingrowns and tearing. No more post waxing stickiness to worry about! The sugar paste is 100% water soluble – so you leave your treatment feeling clean, smooth & beautifully exfoliated.

No need to shave between appointments. The sugaring technique only requires 1/4"- 1/2" of hair growth for amazing results!

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Pricing Packages

Eye Brows 23
Upper Lip 15
Chin 13
Upper Lip & Chin 22
Underarms 23
Full Arms 40
Forearms 34
Lower Legs 46
Upper Legs 46
Full Legs 84+
Full Legs & Bikini Line 91+
Upper Legs & Bikini Line 68
Regular Bikini 33
French Bikini 43
Brazilian Bikini 63+
Back & Neck 58